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New Vineyard ice cream parlor is a step back in history -Daily Herald-

With shouts of a grand huzzah, the ribbon was cut at Brookers Founding Flavors Ice Cream Parlor in Vineyard on Saturday.

The one-of-a-kind ice cream parlor, located at 568 N. Mill Road in front of the Larry Miller Megaplex Theatres, is owned by Brian and Jamie Brooker. Jamie Brooker grew up in Utah and Brian in Virginia. Standing with them and a host of Colonial period dressed employees and guests...


Brooker's Ice Cream grand opening an sweet revolution -The Daily Universe Press-

Brooker’s Ice Cream founder and creator Brian Brooker hosted a sweet revolution for early American history and ice cream on Dec. 1 at the Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream grand opening in Vineyard, Utah.

The new colonial America-themed ice cream shop serves ice cream flavors inspired by founding fathers, like “Patrick Henry’s Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death” and “James Madison’s Constitutional Crunch.”...


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